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NTB MARATHON will take place 7,8 and 9 February 2020.

This is the newly born Neo-Marathon organized by the TNT Team with Ludo Decreus from Bruges.


To Register directly, (marathon or the night before, or meals)Follow link.


  • The attractiveness of Bruges (Brugge in Flemish), The "Belgium Venice" and the easy access from all over Europe…
  • A really nice dancing room in the Het Entrepot 10' from city centre (with a wood floor).
  • Room all around the dancing floor for tables and chairs and chat looking at dancers.
  • 37 hours dancing
    • Friday from 8 PM to 5h30 AM ;
    • Saturday from 4 PM to 5h30 AM ;
    • and Sunday from 4 PM to 5h30 AM.
  • Tango Cuisine will ensure some nice meals ; don't forget to register! .
  • The bar will be open all night with a lot of very nice beers to drink or takeaway.

Last news: On Thursday 6 at 8.30 PM, we will organize a nice BEFORE on a barge, so nice !
Of course, it's rather small, then not many places will be sold. To know more,follow the link.

A nice DJ/VJ team and Teachers for Europe, specialized in Neo.

Anna Neum (Russia)
fabrizio 1
Fabrizio Ferranti Auslaender (Italy)
Hej Hej (Sweden)
Hubert (France)
Phil (France)
Thierry 4
Thierry (France)
Gauthier 1
Philippe Gauthier (France)

More about DJ and VJ

Classes during the marathon

Vio (1)
TangoForge (Roberto)
Astrid Maria Cerpentier
Isa thierry
Isa et Thierry

More about teachers and their proposals


With special registration,
not later than 10 before marathon start, you can order diner (vegetarian or not) for 14€.
Schedule time : from 7h30 PM to 10.
Bar will be open all night with many nice beers to taste.

More about meal ? follow link.

Belgium beers tasting

High quality Belgium beers will be provided, sold at the bar, or offered as a tasting-package that you can drink at the bar or takeaway. You can find the list following this link.
A tasting package will be sold on our registering web site, and you'll find other packages at the bar itself.

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