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Dance Workshops : 

Tango Class is organized by La Neo in parrallel to NTA

Program and registration on La Neo Website


"Blues for Tangueros" By Isabelle and Thierry

We feel that a lot of the music played during neotango parties can be danced using blues connexion technique. Because of that, Blues dancing and Tango dancing are two dances that fit very well together cross fertilizing each other. Common to both dance, a very strong and full time connexion, a movement freedom, playing and creating based on music inspiration, all that being the source of a lot of pleasure widening your dancing possibilities.
This is why Isabelle and Thierry propose a blues initiation built for neo tango dancers. During the workshop you will learn the basis of the blues connexion and increase your palette of body movements with the goal of dancing even closer to the music following your inspiration.

Proposal :

  • Workshop themes

    • When does music inspire blues dancing

    • Blues connexion

    • Basics body moves

    • How to use blues in Neo tango

    • Spin technics


  • 16H00-17H30 : Introduction to Blues 

Note :  we will use  different moves than seen during NTB2020 workshop so if you did  it, it is worth doing it again !

Prices : 15€

Registration :  on  NTA ticketing site  and  at the door 


Blues teachers

Isabelle and Thierry are Tango and blues addicts (and others dances too !). They will open bridges for you between those complementary universes. In their quest towards dance fusion, they gave "blues for tangueros " classes  in several Neo festivals (Tangopostale, NTB, Croatia, Toulouse...and coming soon NTA 2021) as well as "Tango for blues dancers" (Berlin ibx, Tangopostale, Toulouse)
In addition to being dancers, they are also organizers for neotango and fusion festivals (TNT, NTA, NTB, Toulouse fusion week-end…).

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