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Neo DJs Presentation:


DJ Gosto (GER) is the resident DJ of Milonga Popular in Berlin.

His music is to share & express.

It is for both the soul & the body.

mari olchewski.jpg

DJane Mari Olchewski (GER) from Hamburg. Music and creativity has always been important in her life and she has been dancing tango for 23 years. Because she wanted more variety and dance to the music that touched her more personally, she became a DJane. Her music is very versatile, Jazz, Electro, Blues, Rock, Ambient, Oriental, Dubstep, Klassik, Folk, Trip Hop, Contemporary Tango.... She performs weekly in and around Hamburg . At NeoTangoRave and Phantastango she has been part of the DJ team for 9 years and she Dj'd in various international marathons. For her Dj'ing is a creative act and the musical mood on her Milongas is like a wave, always in motion. For Mari, Neo-Tango means: listen, let in, dive in, try out, discover, don't have to be perfect and have fun.

Thierry 4.jpg

DJ Thierry (FRA) - Thierry is above all a creative dancer who “lives” the music and practiced many social dances( (swing, blues, salsa, tango...) before starting to DJ Neo tango . Of course, he loves tango from the golden age, but what makes him vibrate is to open, enrich, mix practices toward new musical and corporeal horizons which brings him to Neo. Nice melodies, emotion and changes in rythms and intensity are thierry's music markers. Thierry is co-organizer of several festivals: Neo Tango Toulouse (TNT), Neo Tango Bruges (NTB), Neo Tango Amsterdam (NTA),and  Neo Tango Meissen (NTM), but also the Toulouse Fusion weekend (Fusion dance festival). He  DJ'd all over Europe ; Toulouse, Bruges, Amsterdam, Lyon, Rome, Athens, Gent, Berlin, Lille, Praha, Mannheim... 


DJ Anna (Russia) has been in music since childhood, and her playing ranges from piano classics to rock music. She fell in love with tango music in 1998, and it took her more than a  decade to start dancing instead of just listening. But it was worth it. She loves both the music of the Golden era and the Neo tango music, and she hopes that someday they can coexist harmoniously. "Music flows in me and I flow with music. Every set I play is live and depends on the dance floor right here, right now. I love that kind of continuous flow of music, that takes dancers through time and a wide range of emotions. I am in love with the process - of searching and trying something new, changing and combining the music sounds into a stream at the console, feeling the dancers’ energy... The only frustrating thing is that there are things I really want to dance to, but I never have an opportunity. So I dance by myself while mixing.”


DJ Sonja Armissen (GER) Sonja Armisen opened the probably first Neomilong in Europe in Munich, 2004, as well she produced 2 electrotango compilations and created the TangoFusionClub-Dance. She has been djing in a lot of Neotangofestivals during the last years. Her style changed from nearly only Electrotango in the begining to mostly alternative music nowadays.

Plus à suivre...

Neo VJs Presentation :


VJ Andreas (GER) is a photo, video and concept artist. He came to tango in 2005 and has since been interested in dance and music, both in the so-called traditional field and in alternative concepts. In 2015 he expanded his artistic work to the field of visual live performance. Since then, his live performances can be found at many neotango events in Europe. He takes the mood of the music and the dancers and transforms it live into visual elements. These are created by mixing and changing various graphic elements in real time, and in turn influence the dancers. He calls his live performance Visual Dancing. The content he uses comes partly from his exhibitions, was created by him especially for Visual Dancing, comes from artist friends or from publicly available sources. In 2019, he established ultra-widescreen visuals up to image formats of 72:9 in the neotango scene - not every projector now projects the same image content, but a wide image is projected across several projectors. In 2020 and 2021, he created the artistic concept of NeotangoTV and played virtual dance floors with his visuals in more than 300 hours. He also created virtual stages for streamed live concerts by Carlos Libedinsky and Steamed Tango Project.

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