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Dance Workshops : 

Contemporary Tango Class by Iwan & Isabella



Since 2008, they have been a dance and love couple and run their tango school: elonga - contemporary tango school. The mutual acceptance of the uniqueness of their beings has led them from the beginning to cultivate their own distinctive style of tango, characterized by joy, freedom, and a deep desire for connection. Two strong individuals meld into one impressive unity.

As dancers and teachers, they have learned various methods of bodywork and continuously studied their own bodies through collaboration with physiotherapists, yoga, Cantienica, Franklin, and acting techniques. Inspired by collaborations with other professional dancers, contemporary dance, stage and project work, dancers on the dance floor, and students in training... this art of dance and the dancing body are their favorite subjects of research.Website:

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FRIDAY: 17:00-19:15 

  • Workshop 1 deep embrace & deep connection - who is leading who is following? Does it matter?


  • Workshop 2 walking moves in deep connection & fluid embrace dynamics - speed vs slow-motion - rhythm

SATURDAY: 14:00-16:15 

  • Workshop 3 turn me baby - effortless turnings and circular moves


  • Workshop 4 circular movements and inspirations - turn, turn out, overturn, carousell

SUNDAY:  14:00-16:15 

  • Workshop 5 from here now far and back - play with balance

  • Workshop 6 turns with colgada vibes - use of weight and gravit



  • The 6 Workshops: 110€

  • The 2 workshops on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday; 42€

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