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Live: Leila and Gaspar

They played together during Neo postale and it was a wouah !

Leila singer and Harp player

Gaspar from Famous "Roulotte Tango", singer , guitar and bandoneon player

gaspar et leila.png

Neo DJ's presentation:


DJ Anna (Russia) - Anna (Russia) has been in music since childhood, and her playing ranges from piano classics to rock music. She fell in love with tango music in 1998, and it took her more than a  decade to start dancing instead of just listening. But it was worth it. She loves both the music of the Golden era and the Neo tango music, and she hopes that someday they can coexist harmoniously. "Music flows in me and I flow with music. Every set I play is live and depends on the dance floor right here, right now. I love that kind of continuous flow of music, that takes dancers through time and a wide range of emotions. I am in love with the process - of searching and trying something new, changing and combining the music sounds into a stream at the console, feeling the dancers’ energy... The only frustrating thing is that there are things I really want to dance to, but I never have an opportunity. So I dance by myself while mixing.”

DJ Elio (ITA) Formerly a club dj, I started studying tango in 2003, I have been at the console as a tango dj since 2008, for more than 5000 hours. In the first years as traditional tango DJ I have put music in many tango festivals, milongas and encuentros milongueros all over Europe and also in Buenos Aires where I was at the console of Club Fulgor, Nino Bien and the famous Salon Canning.Then something changed, during one of the traditional evenings I was very surprised because when he put a mixed tanda from Orquesta Fervor de Buenos Aires "al estilo de Carlos di Sarli", just few of the traditional dancers went to the dancefloor to dance. After some weeks I took the same tanda, I worked on it adding hiss, pops and vinyl effect deterioration, making it sound like an old vinyl. When I finally proposed this tanda to the same milonga those dancers danced happily. This helped me to understand that the only way to have new contemporary tango music is not proposing new songs in a traditional milonga but starting from zero with a movement of open minded people who are ready to improvise and enjoy the old marvellous embrace dance on new contemporary music, and then new tango orquestas and groups could join and go towards a global tango renaissance.In 2009 I started organizing regular neolongas in Italy. In 2010 I introduced live mixing in neolongas. I started to take inspiration and influence by djs and musicians like Trentemoller, Jean Michel Jarre, Robert "3D" Del Naja, Sascha Ring and Vitalic among others, trying to bring some of their skills into tango danceable music.In 2011 I organized my first marathon, which has now become Red Rabbit Neotango Festival. Now I am regularly invited as DJ in the major Neotango events, focusing on music production, live jams, and teaching DJ workshops, I believe in a global tango music renaissance made by musicians, new tango orquestas, experienced djs, and open minded teachers who teach first steps on modern music instead retro/vintage one.

Thierry 4.jpg

DJ Thierry (FRA) - Thierry is above all a creative dancer who “lives” the music. He practiced many social dances( (swing, blues, salsa, tango...) before starting to DJ Neo tango . Of course, he loves tango from the golden age, but what makes him vibrate is to open, enrich, mix practices toward new musical and corporeal horizons which brings him to Neo. Nice melodies, emotion and changes in rythms and intensity are thierry's music markers. Thierry is co-organizer of several festivals: Neo Tango Toulouse (TNT), Neo Tango Bruges (NTB), Neo Tango Amsterdam (NTA),and  Neo Tango Meissen (NTM), but also the Toulouse Fusion weekend (Fusion dance festival). He  DJ'd all over Europe ; Toulouse, Bruges, Amsterdam, Lyon, Rome, Athens, Gent, Tangopostale, Berlin, Lille, Praha, mannheim... 


DJ Phil (FRA) -I started as a Hard Rock DJ in the 80’s, then DJ for Blues nights. Blues lead me to Tango Neo of course, and in 2015 I started Nueva Guardia, my Neolonga in Toulouse.
I like to make people dance on nice melodies.
I love to invite DJs to my milonga, organize events our baby the TNT is healthy, his little  Barcelona brother Tiny Barcelona also. I was also "father" of the Nocturna (Tango way).


DJ Elodie (FRA) - A dancer above all, Elodie pays great attention to the sequence of pieces and to the coherence of her sets, which she enjoys building like musical rainbows, with a palette of emotions as rich as possible, following one another in a harmonious or contrasting way, depending on the paths she wishes to take the dancers on, while remaining attentive to their energy. Sensitive to the magic of places and moments, she also likes to choose her pieces according to the space, the moment and the light in which she is going to play, so that the whole allows the dancers to give the best of themselves and to live a unique moment.

 Since the summer of 2021, Elodie had the pleasure of being invited to perform at numerous events in the West of France, from brittany ("Tango par la côte", "la primavera del tango" in Brest) to Occitanie ("Tangopostale" and the "Toulouse Néotango Marathon"), via the Vendée (the "marathon summer"), Normandy (for the AS de Caen), Niort, Nantes, Tours and Angers

Neo VJ's presentation :

VJ #1 to be announced later

Gauthier 1.jpg

VJ Philippe (FRA) - Philippe Gauthier is fascinated by movement and the harmony emerging from the dance floor, he seeks to magnify it. As a VJ his performance is purely live where the dancers and music both are intertwined to give life to interactive visuals. Mountains, oceans, starfields and many poetic landscapes surround the dancefloor to join dancers in a blithful and unique journey.

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