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Neo DJ's presentation:


DJ Thanos (GRE)  : Thanos started dancing tango in 2006 . He was always been fascinated by alternative music for tango steps . He is been organizing “Milonga Aternativa” for 5 years in different places in Athens and also dj @ Bremen Munich, Toulouse, Nantes Stutgard ,Torino & Rome . Always plays music according to the feelings of the moment and the people in the dance floor.

fabrizio 1.jpg

DJ #2 Fabrizio : Originated from Napoli, but living in Milano, Fabrizio "DJ Auslaender" Ferranti, is one of the historical DJ of the "Sulle rive del tango" adventure. He has his own sensitivity though, able to turn each milonga into a never ending poetry piece. The very same song that you claim when you heard it at home, that "I'll never dance on it", DJ Ferranti will build such a magical flow that you will find yourself dancing with a big smile on your face. At first glance, looking at him during a milonga, you'll get a sober "nordic" attitude feeling, but looking further you'll see stars shining in his eyes and the children that resides underneath


Phil (FRA) - I started as a Hard Rock DJ in the 80’s, then DJ for Blues nights. Blues lead me to Tango Neo of course, and in 2015 I started Nueva Guardia, my Neolonga in Toulouse.
I like to make people dance on nice melodies.
I love to invite DJs to my milonga, organize events our baby the TNT is healthy, his little Amsterdam brother will celebrate his second year in 2020. I was also "father" of the Nocturna (Tango way).

Thierry 4.jpg

Thierry (FRA) - Thierry is above all a creative dancer who “lives” the music.
He's coming from swing and blues universe before falling in love with tango. Dancer since 1998, he waited until 2016 to start offering his own musical programming as a DJ. Of course, he loves tango from the golden age, but what makes him vibrating is to open , enrich, mix practices toward new musical and corporeal horizons
thierry is co-organizer of several festivals : Neo Tango Toulouse (TNT), Neo Tango Bruges (NTB), Neo Tango Amsterdam (NTA) , but also the Toulouse Fusion week-end (Fusion dance festival). He Neo tango DJ'd in Toulouse, Bruges, Amsterdam,Lyon,Rome, Athens, Geent, Tangopostale but is also Blues DJ and fusion DJ.

Neo VJ's presentation :

Gauthier 1.jpg

Philippe (FRA) - Philippe Gauthier is fascinated by movement and the harmony emerging from the dance floor, he seeks to magnify it. As a VJ his performance is purely live where the dancers and music both are intertwined to give life to interactive visuals. Mountains, oceans, starfields and many poetic landscapes surround the dancefloor to join dancers in a blithful and unique journey.

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