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Neo DJ's presentation:

Thierry 4.jpg

DJ Thierry (FRA) - Thierry is above all a creative dancer who “lives” the music. He practiced many social dances( (swing, blues, salsa, tango...) before starting to DJ Neo tango . Of course, he loves tango from the golden age, but what makes him vibrate is to open, enrich, mix practices toward new musical and corporeal horizons which brings him to Neo. Nice melodies, emotion and changes in rythms and intensity are thierry's music markers. Thierry is co-organizer of several festivals: Neo Tango Toulouse (TNT), Neo Tango Bruges (NTB), Neo Tango Amsterdam (NTA),and  Neo Tango Meissen (NTM), but also the Toulouse Fusion weekend (Fusion dance festival). He  DJ'd all over Europe ; Toulouse, Bruges, Amsterdam, Lyon, Rome, Athens, Gent, Tangopostale, Berlin, Lille, Praha, mannheim... 


DJ Eze (NL) - DJ Eze - Inglés Ezequiel Sanucci was born in Buenos Aires and began his ballet studies at the age of 11 years old at the Schol of the Teatro Colón where he also learned tango and folklore. For more than 30 years he made an international career as a dancer, choreographer, and teacher in classical ballet, contemporary dance, and tango. He created his own style of contemporary tango . In 2013 he started working as a traditional tango DJ and shortly after he added the neotango to his repertoire. Since then he has playedin many prestigious international neo tango festivals  in Europe and Argentina as ElectroTango Festival Buenos Aires, TNT Toulouse, Tango des Lumieres Lyon, Tango Marathon Nantes, Phantastango, World Tango Congress, TangoRave, Tango Vibes Berlin, Siena Tango Marathon, Contango Festival Freiburg and many more. He is a founding member and DJ of La Neo, which is the first 100% neolonga in the Netherlands, as well as co-organizer, teacher and DJ of the Amsterdam Neotango Marathon and The Neotango Weekend. DJ Eze loves variety, surprising and to create different kind of atmospheres during his sets. He is always very sensitive for what is happening on the dance floor. Listen to his music in Mixcloud


DJ Anna (Russia) - Anna (Russia) has been in music since childhood, and her playing ranges from piano classics to rock music. She fell in love with tango music in 1998, and it took her more than a  decade to start dancing instead of just listening. But it was worth it. She loves both the music of the Golden era and the Neo tango music, and she hopes that someday they can coexist harmoniously. "Music flows in me and I flow with music. Every set I play is live and depends on the dance floor right here, right now. I love that kind of continuous flow of music, that takes dancers through time and a wide range of emotions. I am in love with the process - of searching and trying something new, changing and combining the music sounds into a stream at the console, feeling the dancers’ energy... The only frustrating thing is that there are things I really want to dance to, but I never have an opportunity. So I dance by myself while mixing.”


DJ Phil (FRA) -I started as a Hard Rock DJ in the 80’s, then DJ for Blues nights. Blues lead me to Tango Neo of course, and in 2015 I started Nueva Guardia, my Neolonga in Toulouse.
I like to make people dance on nice melodies.
I love to invite DJs to my milonga, organize events our baby the TNT is healthy, his little Amsterdam brother will celebrate his second year in 2020. I was also "father" of the Nocturna (Tango way).


DJ Fabio (ITA) It was in his hometown of Naples that Fabio discovered Tango in 2009. As a yoga teacher, he has been working for years on this union between body and mind through the power of music to create moments where time stops and you are transported into another dimension. From 2010 he began a personal search for the discovery of modern rhythms and melodies (jazz, ethnic, classical, pop, rock, rap, indie, modern orchestras etc...) that can be interpreted using the codes of tango through all kind of music. In 2013 he Came to settle in Nice, he imported his Neo tango musicality and gave a new breath to the life of Tango with his milongas where trad tango meets alternative tango and barriers are erased by emotions. He participated as a DJ in many international festivals and marathons in Europe (France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Denmark, Finland) choosing to tell, through his musical selections, a story made of sensitivity and emotions, allowing dancers to freely interpret their feelings.


DJ Ralph (UK)  - Born in Manchester UK - but living for the past 60 years in Bruges, Belgium. After +20 years Tango Classico, having played for more the 250 practica’s every first Sunday of the month it was time for a new challenge. 

The past 10 years I’ve been using Neo - Nuevo - Non & Alternative music in a mix and when in 2020 Covid did strike, I had the chance to virtually meet so many inspiring Neo Tango DJ’s whilst playing music-on-air for a Neo community(Thanks Elio, Hubert and so many others). This was for me the moment to jump deeper into this music& dance style, I’m always trying to find music that gives me “a good belly” feeling, remains danceable and gives vibes on the dance floor. 

Oh yeah, of the record - I love Belgium beer, especially Duvel en Brugse Zot…

Neo VJ's presentation :

Gauthier 1.jpg

Philippe (FRA) - Philippe Gauthier is fascinated by movement and the harmony emerging from the dance floor, he seeks to magnify it. As a VJ his performance is purely live where the dancers and music both are intertwined to give life to interactive visuals. Mountains, oceans, starfields and many poetic landscapes surround the dancefloor to join dancers in a blithful and unique journey.


Ederson Xavier - As an artist Xavier is on the journey to explore new ways to innovate and add extra depth to his work as contemporary dance choreographer, videographer, performer and teacher.
Xavier’s work is underpinned by a musical fascination and chameleon-like perspective.
He is inspired by the sensorial body and the intersection of dance with other disciplines and technology, therefore exploring new insights into choreographic construction. VJing is one extra facet of expression of this multidimensional artists. 
Ederson VJ'd in la Neo from eze and saskia

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