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This site is about Neo Tango dance events and workshops organized by TNT team members either together or individually

TNT team members : Isabelle, Thierry, Ludo, Phil, Matthias, Mari

What is Neo Tango ?

Neo Tango is ABOUT DANCING TANGO with TANGO dancers but with the following differences compared with traditional TANGO :

  • The desire for more physical freedom and possibilities in the DANCE movement.

  • The desire to dance to different MUSIC than golden age Tango only

  • The desire for a different social ATMOSPHERE.

A very good description of neo-Tango can be read in Vio's article at

Upcoming Events

Neo Tango Hamburg (NTH) August 23-25 2024

Organizers: Thierry, Mari  and Matthias 


Toulouse Neo Tango (TNT) October 25-27 2024

Organizers: Thierry, Phil & Isabelle

Neo Tango Meissen (NTM) near Dresden December 6-8 2024

Organizers: Thierry & Ludo

Neo Tango Bruges 2025 (NTB) February 7-9 2025

Organizers: Thierry & Ludo

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