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Tango Workshops:

  • Saturday 3.00-4.00 Uhr (Katja & Olli): Slow Motion

  • Sunday 3.00-4.00 Uhr (Katja & Klaus): Tango meets Impro

All workshops are included with the weekend pass but for pratical reasons/comfort of participants, places will be limited to 60max. For Registration, please send a mail to

Tango teachers presentation :

Katja & Klaus (Ger) from Kassel

Katja and Klaus have been dancing for over 25 years and are teaching tango in Göttingen and Kassel since 2004. They focus in their teaching on a free and playful interpretation of tango resp. Neotango, on a flexible approach to leading and following and the integration of other dance influences, dance styles and directions. They attach great importance to body awareness and a good connection between the dancers.

Katja and Klaus organize the “Petite Folie” Neotango festival in Kassel every year since 2018 and are also offering workshops at the Tangorave in Bremen for several years now.

Workshop - Tango meets Impro:

Explore new options to move, break up familiar movement patterns. 

Be in contact and still stay with yourself, experiment with movements, alone, in couples, in groups.

Katja & Olli (Ger) live in Kassel and Avignon

Katja and Olli have been dancing for over 20 years and together for 8 years.

They give workshops that enrich dance by encouraging creativity and breaking down established patterns.

They are the organizer of the neotango festival “Petite Folie” in Kassel

Workshop - Slow Motion:  
Take time, letting time, have time - provide mutual impulses

Mindful togetherness - feeling where I am and where the other person is

Find breaks in music - dance breaks

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