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Live : Perin Dinekli


Perin Dinekli (GER) from Offenburg:

First time we heard Perin was in Rome during the Neo Marathon. We heard  her singing another time this year during Elio's birthday party and invited her straight to come to Hamburg. Perin is just a singer with a guitar, but she sings beautiful songs for Neo Tango dancing. Perin is also a Tango dancer so we advise you to invite her after she sings.Perin will come with other musicians (at least a blues harmonica-see left video below)

Neo DJ's presentation:

mari olchewski.jpg

DJane Mari Olschewski (GER) from Hamburg:

Music and creativity has always been important in her life and she has been dancing Tango for 24 years. Because she was looking for more variety and wanted to dance to the music that touched her more personally, she became a DJane.
She plays regularly in and around Hamburg, as well as at many various national and international Marathons and Neo-Events. She has been part of the DJ team at NeoTangoRave and Phantastango for 10 years.
Her music is very versatile, Jazz, Electro, Blues, Folk, Rock, Ambient, Oriental, Neo-Classical, Contemporary Tango....
Mari lives by the water and with her music you are floating on a wave through the evening. ​

It's a special moment to be a DJ on your own marathon.
How nice that Thierry, Matthias and Mari's idea is now becoming a reality with the first Edition of NeoTango Marathon Hamburg (NTH)

Thierry 4.jpg

DJ Thierry (FRA) from Toulouse:
DJ Thierry (FRA) - Thierry is above all a creative dancer who “lives” the music. He practiced many social dances( (swing, blues, salsa, tango...) before starting to DJ Neo tango . Of course, he loves tango from the golden age, but what makes him vibrate is to open, enrich, mix practices toward new musical and corporeal horizons which brings him to Neo. Nice melodies, emotion and changes in rythms and intensity are thierry's music markers. Thierry is co-organizer of several festivals: Neo Tango Toulouse (TNT), Neo Tango Bruges (NTB), Neo Tango Amsterdam (NTA), Neo Tango Meissen (NTM) and now Neo Tango Hamburg
 but also the Toulouse Fusion weekend (Fusion dance festival). He  DJ'd all over Europe ; Toulouse, Bruges, Amsterdam, Lyon, Rome, Athens, Gent, Tangopostale, Berlin, Lille, Praha, mannheim,Munich, Hamburg... 

DJ Elio (ITA) from Rome:

Formerly a club dj, I started studying tango in 2003, I have been at the console as a tango dj since 2008, for more than 5000 hours. In the first years as traditional tango DJ I have put music in many tango festivals, milongas and encuentros milongueros all over Europe and also in Buenos Aires where I was at the console of Club Fulgor, Nino Bien and the famous Salon Canning.
Then something changed, during one of the traditional evenings I was very surprised because when he put a mixed tanda from Orquesta Fervor de Buenos Aires "al estilo de Carlos di Sarli", just few of the traditional dancers went to the dancefloor to dance. After some weeks I took the same tanda, I worked on it adding hiss, pops and vinyl effect deterioration, making it sound like an old vinyl. When I finally proposed this tanda to the same milonga those dancers danced happily. This helped me to understand that the only way to have new contemporary tango music is not proposing new songs in a traditional milonga but starting from zero with a movement of open minded people who are ready to improvise and enjoy the old marvellous embrace dance on new contemporary music, and then new tango orquestas and groups could join and go towards a global tango renaissance.
In 2009 I started organizing regular neolongas in Italy. In 2010 I introduced live mixing in neolongas. I started to take inspiration and influence by djs and musicians like Trentemøller, Jean Michel Jarre, Robert "3D" Del Naja, Sascha Ring and Vitalic among others, trying to bring some of their skills into tango danceable music.
In 2011 I organized my first marathon, which has now become Red Rabbit Neotango Festival. Now I am regularly invited as DJ in the major Neotango events, focusing on music production, live jams, and teaching DJ workshops, I believe in a global tango music renaissance made by musicians, new tango orquestas, experienced djs, and open minded teachers who teach first steps on modern music instead retro/vintage one.

DJ Alain Andrieux (FRA) from London

Alain has DJ’d at major events around the world in 3 different dance scenes including Neotango.
His DJing style favours variety in rhythms and musical genres such as world music, jazzy blues, neo-classical, electronica, and more - as long as it feel like dancing Tango to.
Dancers often say they enjoy the "driving energy" of the music he plays.
He also has a deep love of intense and emotional modern tracks. Alain hails from France and lives in London, UK.


DJ Ralph (UK)  from Bruges:
I’m Ralph, live in Bruges, Belgium & organise traditional & Neo Tango events in my hometown. Next to dancing and DJ’ing at traditional tango events for the past 20 years my passion also goes to the Neotango Scene. When in 2020 Covid did strike, I had the chance to virtually meet so many inspiring Neo Tango DJ’s whilst playing music-on-air for a Neo community (Thanks Elio, Hubert, Marc Danny, Mari and so many others). This was for me the moment to dive even deeper into this scene, searching for music that gives me “a good belly” feeling, remains danceable and gives vibes on the dance floor.
Being invited as a DJ at the ‘’NeoTango Marathon Hamburg (NTH)’’ is a extra challenge. I’m looking forward to meet you (back) on the dancefloor here in Hamburg, a awesome city with excellent Neo vibes, it’s my goal to achieve a wonderful Neo experience for all of you…


DJ Volker Hartung (GER), lives in Kassel and Avignon

Volker is co-founder and organizer of the NeoTango Festival "Petite Folie" in Kassel and has been dancing tango for over 20 years. He is an enthusiastic NeoTango dancer since his first workshop with Mauricio Castro.

Music in a wide range of melodic passages full of energy, changing rhythms, intense slow episodes and a pinch of experimental inspires him to dance.

As a DJ, he wants to pass on this energy to the dancers and inspire them to do something new.

DJ Peter Rücknagel (GER) from Bremen
At the Tangorave in Bremen Peter impressed me with his fantastic Piazzolla set. I wish he would share his Piazzolla moments with us again on our 1st Edition of  NeoTango Marathon Hamburg (NTH)
I am very pleased that he accepted my invitation. 

Neo VJ presentation :


VJ Andreas (GER) from Hannover:
Andreas is a photo, video and concept artist. He came to tango in 2005 and has since been interested in dance and music, both in the so-called traditional field and in alternative concepts. In 2015 he expanded his artistic work to the field of visual live performance. Since then, his live performances can be found at many neotango events in Europe. He takes the mood of the music and the dancers and transforms it live into visual elements. These are created by mixing and changing various graphic elements in real time, and in turn influence the dancers. He calls his live performance Visual Dancing. The content he uses comes partly from his exhibitions, was created by him especially for Visual Dancing, comes from artist friends or from publicly available sources. In 2019, he established ultra-widescreen visuals up to image formats of 72:9 in the neotango scene - not every projector now projects the same image content, but a wide image is projected across several projectors. In 2020 and 2021, he created the artistic concept of NeotangoTV and played virtual dance floors with his visuals in more than 300 hours. He also created virtual stages for streamed live concerts by Carlos Libedinsky and Steamed Tango Project.

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