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Pass 3 days weekend price : 85€


We are aiming at follower/leader role parity. You can register as a couple, without limitation, or as solo.
This solo category could be closed to registration at any moment - depending on Leader/Follower registration status.

Registration and payment link on billetweb ticketing site. Click icon below : 

Special note : Double role dancers

We sell Double-Role Tickets to Double-role experienced dancers comitting to dance 50% of their time as leader and 50% of their time as follower. We ask you to committ to support such parity dancing, as role parity remains a major objective of our marathon.
Double role tickets are subject to pre authorization first. If you want to buy a double role ticket, please send a mail to explaining your double role experience.
If approved, you will then receive a code with instructions to buy your ticket. 

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